Motorcycle Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge

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01/11/2008  · Forums > Harley Davidson Motorcycles > Touring Models > temperature gauge cylinder head. Discussion in ‘Touring Models’ started by pipobroer, Nov 1, 2008. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > pipobroer Member. 7 11 0. Hello, i have a temperature gauge one my flhtc frome 1989 witch isnt working

About half the fuel’s energy goes out the exhaust pipe, while the remaining one-sixth is transferred to the cooling air that passes over the cylinder fins and through the oil cooler. The wasted energy is measured and displayed on a triad of cockpit gauges: oil tempera-ture, cylinder head temperature, and exhaust gas temperature.

11/08/2015  · Having an oil temperature guage will, IMO, provide much more usable data in monitoring the overall engine operating temperature than stressing over momentary cylinder head temperature spikes which will occur in stop-and-go traffic. Use a good motorcycle-specific oil (Motul, Redline, Brad Penn ) with lots of zinc and phosphorus.

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12/01/2020  · Answer: A: A thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance is dependent on temperature, more so than in standard resistors. The Koso Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor measures the temperature at the spark plug in the same manor as a conventional thermometer.

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30/06/2013  · Maximum safe cylinder head temperature (CHT). I have sent a TTO cylinder head temperature gauge (sold by JN Motors) off the scale and it maxes out at 275 degree Celsius, so i wouldn’t mind betting that the cylinder head temperature exceeded 300 degrees Celsius using the standard cylinder head.

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Full selection of Cylinder Head Temperature Gauges at Lowest prices. In-House Experts. Easy Returns. Call (800) 505-3274 or Shop Online.

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11/10/2005  · The short answer is that your maximum head temperature (away from the cooling coils) would be 500 degrees max (probably). Barrel temperatures would be about 100 degrees less. Exhaust temperatures would be less than 600F. So you can figure that fin temperatures are at least 100 degreees below the temp of the average head temperature.

02/10/2010  · If you get rid of the stock ECU and run one of the several aftermarket tuners and get the AFR down from 14.7 to 12.5 to 13 then you will see normal head temps between 225 and 280 depending on outside temps and air movement over your cyclinders and heads. I have a Dakota Digital Head Temp gauge and oil temp gauge.

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Oil temperature gauge readings would be 212 to 220 degrees on the gauge when the true test temperature was 240 to 260 degrees. Head temperature gauges read 385 degrees with a true test temperature of 550 plus degrees. When head test temperatures were upped to 700 degrees, the reading of the gauge went up to 390 to 395 degrees.

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Full selection of Cylinder Head Temperature Gauges at Lowest prices. In-House Experts. Easy Returns. Call (800) 505-3274 or Shop Online.

Full selection of Cylinder Head Temperature Gauges at Lowest prices. In-House Experts. Easy Returns. Call (800) 505-3274 or Shop Online.